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A Level


Studying Maths at A Level can be very difficult. At Meteor, we provide a professional support network for A Level learners, to ensure that they have access to the help they need to succeed. Our tutors are A Level examiners and so are up to date with the relevant subject knowledge and topics which need to be covered so learners are confident when preparing for exams.


With recent changes to the A Level Curriculum and exams, some learners and parents are also concerned about keeping up with the different topics and questions which are now focused on. As education specialists, we can support these changes and make the transition easier.


Feedback we receive suggests that our learners' success may in part be due to the learning taking place in their own home, where they feel more comfortable and confident.

QTS, Professional Exams and Mature Students


Many learners are required to pass professional maths exams in order to gain access to a higher education course or begin a new job. This can often be difficult when the learner hasn't studied maths for a while. At Meteor, we have helped many mature students to pass these exams. Through supporting learners as they identify areas of strength and weakness, and utilise shortcuts and mental maths tips, we help learners answer questions more quickly and improve core maths skills. Learners build confidence and succeed as they take their first steps onto their new professional path.

We now also offer Primary English tuition and Secondary Science tuition.


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