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Meteor has experienced numerous successes with Seconday School learners. Whether support is needed for day-to-day maths, working towards KS3 SATs or, importantly, GCSEs, Meteor offers personalised and accessible tuition in your own home. Feedback we receive suggests that this success may in part be due to the learning taking place in the learner's own home, where they feel more comfortable and confident.

Our tutors are also GCSE examiners and so are up to date with the relevant subject knowledge and topics which need to be covered so learners are confident when preparing for exams.

With recent changes to the Secondary Curriculum, some learners and parents are also concerned about keeping up with the different topics and questions which are now focused on. As education specialists, we can support these changes and make the transition easier. Some of the changes brought in include:


Key Stage 3:

  • Children should be able to use probability, reasoning with algebra and geometry.

Key Stage 4:

  • Greater emphasis on solving mathematical problems that require multi-step solutions.
  • New topics to be covered including ratios and proportions.
  • Students will be expected to learn key mathematical formulae by heart.

We now also offer Primary English tuition and Secondary Science tuition.


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