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Meteor operates through recommendations and testimonials from successful learners and their families. Here are a few: 


"We're very pleased with how Lili has done this year! She was struggling with her maths at the beginning of Year 6 and was really worried about her maths SATs but with Alyson's help she managed to secure her Level 4! We are excited to continue with Lili's tuition as she starts Secondary School." Joanne, Mum of Year 7 Student, 2015.

"Ava was really struggling with her maths. With Alex's help, her ability and confidence has improved hugely and more importantly she really enjoys the sessions!" Jackie, Mum of Ava, Year 6 Student.

"Since having tuition with you, the difference in Molly's maths ability has greatly increased but the biggest difference is in her attitude and confidence towards maths. We have gone from "I can't do it" to a child who does maths homework with confidence and isn't afraid to have a go." Lindsay, Mum of Molly, Year 11 Student.

"Hannah really enjoys her tuition with Alyson and has grown in confidence over the past year. She feels more supported with homework and class work and has achieved good results in school assessments. We would highly recommend!" Denise, Mum of Hannah, Year 9 Student.

"Alyson has really helped to boost Ellie's confidence in Maths. She has been working with Ellie for over a year now and in that time Ellie has flourished and moved up to Set 1 in maths. We are so pleased!" Donna, Mum of Ellie, Year 8 Student.

"We are so pleased with how the girls have come on in maths since working with Alyson. Rebecca has grown enormously in confidence and thoroughly enjoys her maths tuition. She was so pleased when she moved up a set in maths at the start of this school year! Hannah was finding GCSE maths difficult. Alyson worked with Hannah throughout last year and she successfully achieved her Grade C a year early. She now feels supported with Alyson's help as she studies for her Higher exam in Year 11. We would definitely recommend Meteor Maths!" Louise, Mum of Rebecca, Year 9 Student, and Hannah, Year 11 Student.

"Abbie has grown in confidence massively since having tuition with Meteor Maths. She no longer doubts herself when attempting challenging problems and has a smile on her face even when the maths gets very difficult! She achieved her target level much earlier than expected last year and we are excited to see how far she can progress in Year 9!" Jill, Mum of Abbie, Year 9 Student.

"Prior to Meteor Maths' home tuition, my son was struggling. With Alyson's tuition and encouragement, he has gained confidence and has excelled. I highly recommend Alyson, who is a lovely person and very trustworthy." Christine, Mum of Toby, GCSE Student.

"My Year 10 daughter found Alex very approachable and friendly. Alex helped her develop her confidence and understanding which enabled her to gain her GCSE Maths a year early! Alex was always punctual and happy to explain which areas my daughter needed support with. Would highly recommend Alex. Thanks." Jo, Mum of Year 10 Student, 2015.


"Alyson came in to help ensure our son (Year 11) achieved a C in his GCSE Maths. Alyson had a good rapport with him - he never moaned about the extra tuition (unexpectedly!) He achieved a B in a subject he was struggling in. As a parent, I can highly recommend Alyson - my son was very pleased with her (believe me he would tell me if he wasn't!) So recommendations all round! Thanks!" Paul Fell, Dad of Year 11 Student, 2015.


"Taylor has really benefitted from the tuition she has received for the last two years! As a home-schooled learner, she needed the support and encouragement that Alyson was able to provide. She has made massive progress and is full of confidence as she prepares to return to school full time. Thank you, Meteor Maths!" Gaynor Smith, Mum of Year 9 Student, 2015.


"Initially set out to use Meteor Maths for one year whilst my daughter prepared for her Year 6 SATs. She secured a Level 5 which was way above her target! She was so pleased and asked if she could continue to work with her tutor, Alex, as she started at High School. She is now in Year 8 and we are very pleased with how her tuition gives her the support she does not get in class!" Sandra Marshall, Mum of Year 8 Student, 2014.


"I cannot recommend Meteor Maths highly enough! Our son didn't like Maths and was heading for a potential grade C at GCSE. Meteor Maths and Tutor Alyson transformed the potential grade C into a remarkable A grade and our son's enjoyment of and confidence in the subject means that he is now intending to take Maths at A Level. We will continue to use Meteor Maths to help him on this next step. Thanks again - we are delighted!" Wendy Moorecroft, Mum of Year 12 Student, 2014.


"Huge thanks to Alyson at Meteor Maths for your tuition. You made maths so interesting for our daughter and explained it so well. It was great to hear her say 'I finally get maths!' after just one session with you. Our daughter came out with a B in maths in a subject she struggled with. Would recommend to anyone whose child is struggling - get in touch with Meteor." Jo Hall, Mum of Year 11 Student, 2014.


"Just wanted to say thanks for helping me get my C! I'll never have to do maths again! Couldn't have done it without you." Emily Meriman, Year 11 Student, 2013.


"I had Meteor Maths help me with my A level maths last year. As a mature student I was hesitant but my tutor, Alyson, was lovely and very patient with me. Would recommend!" Paul Harrison, Mature Student, 2013.


"Used Meteor Maths for a few months to help me pass my City and Guild course. I had no confidence as it had been over 15 years since I did any maths at school. Their tutor, Alex, reassured me and went over and above to provide me with help and support so I was able to pass the exam and move on to pursue the job I was hoping to. Thank you Meteor Maths!" Alan Brookweather, Mature Student, 2012.


"My Meteor tutor has given me more confidence with my maths school work and I really enjoy learning at home!" Sam McDonald, Year 8 Student, 2012.

We now also offer Primary English tuition and Secondary Science tuition.


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